需要一个有点帮助或与你的跳跃menu planning?我一直都在上面,但是菜单规划挽救了我的理智和我的杂货预算。

If you are creating amenu plan from scratch, download this super handymix-and-match side dish planner. It’s a lifesaver for menu planning (and I’ll be keeping it updated with any new side dishes I blog about).

If you are looking foralready made menu plans, you are in the right place! Itailored these menu plansthe same way I create my own (which may or may not work for you): a nicer, larger dinner on Sundays, a miscellaneous/leftover night at least once per week, homemade pizza one night a week with a list of “Treats to Make” below the menu. I also included a list of our最喜欢的早餐选择在菜单下面。午餐?好吧,你自己是因为我们保留了东西ultra-simplearound here for lunch – leftovers, PB&J’s, crackers and cheese, you know…simple, as in no-recipe-needed!

You candownload these menu plansas a Word (editable) or PDF (not editable) document and mix and match, delete, cut, paste, hack to pieces, or do whatever your little soul needs toget the menu plan you so desire. The corresponding grocery lists are blank so you can fill them out based on what you already have in your pantry and refrigerator.

我将会adding new menu plans每隔一切都经常检查更多菜单规划灵感!

summer menu plans

夏天菜单#1 夏季菜单#4 夏季菜单#7 夏季菜单#10 {新!}
orPDF. orPDF. orPDF. orPDF.
夏天菜单#2 夏季菜单#5 夏天菜单#8 夏天菜单#11 {NEW!}
orPDF. orPDF. orPDF. orPDF.
夏季菜单#3 夏天菜单#6 夏天菜单#9 夏天菜单#12 {NEW!}
orPDF. orPDF. orPDF. orPDF.


Weekly Menu #1 Weekly Menu #5
orPDF. orPDF.
Weekly Menu #2 Weekly Menu #6
orPDF. orPDF.
Weekly Menu #3 Weekly Menu #7
orPDF. orPDF.
Weekly Menu #4 Weekly Menu #8
orPDF. orPDF.

healthy menu plans

他althy Menu #1
健康的菜单# 3
orPDF. orPDF.
健康的菜单# 2
健康的菜单# 4
orPDF. orPDF.


Entire Week of Slow Cooker Meals All 30-Minutes or Less
orPDF. orPDF.
Cook It Once Use it Twice

fall winter plans

秋冬菜单#1 秋冬菜单#5
orPDF. orPDF.
秋冬菜单#2 秋冬菜单#6
orPDF. orPDF.
秋冬菜单#3 秋冬菜单#7
orPDF. orPDF.


Brilliant Brunch 这是有关的公司
orPDF. orPDF.

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  1. Hi Mel,
    我是梅尔:)我的朋友们总是觉得我在我说的时候开玩笑......“看看melskitchencafe.com”他们也打电话给我的厨房...... Melscafe :)这对你来说是一个快速的问题:)你有一本厨师书吗?还是你计划一个?我很想成为买家:)

  2. Will you create a meal plan / recipes for singles? I struggle with most recipes because I get sick of eating them by myself every day of the week.

  3. 我很高兴试试这些。菜单规划并不是我的强有力的西装。谢谢你开始的地方。

  4. 我用了一下一次每周菜单,我喜欢它,所以当我找到这个页面时,我很高兴。但是,这些下载看起来与我使用的其他菜单计划看起来不一样。他们展示了食谱,但列出了商店万博半全场购买的部分只有标题而不是成分。这是故意的吗?还是我做错了什么?

    • 嘿Traci - 这些是完全不同的菜单计划,而不是我在我的时事通讯中发送的菜单计划(它听起来像是你使用的菜单)。他们没有提供完整的杂货柱,如我的时事通讯中的全部杂货列表。

  5. Yay !! I love this post. A great way to be sure that the week ahead is tasty, healthy and well organized. The meals look very inviting. The best time to deal with the weekly meal plan is the prepare it beforehand. Thanks for putting these stuff altogether. It is so easy to take a look at it. Keep up the great site and inspiration!!! Thanks


  6. 他y Mel!
    您的网站和食谱的长期情人!万博半全场我的丈夫最近开始了法学院(来自一个伟大的付费工作),我的预算很紧张。我听说每人每人花100个(无论孩子的年龄)。所以我的4人家庭应该每月400美元。According to this source, this amount includes everything you can buy at a grocery store…food, paper towels, toothpaste, etc. I was just wondering if you budget per week/biweekly for your family and if it’s pretty similar to the 100 per person/ per month rule.


    • Hi Abby, I’m probably the wrong person to ask for food budgeting advice since my food budget is a little skewed thanks to my food blog (and all the new recipes I try out). I will say that even in our lean, budgeting years, I found it hard to stick to $100 per person if that included all the personal hygiene needs as well, but I’ve also not been very diligent at couponing/shopping sales. Maybe if you did, it could be very doable?

  7. 嗨,梅勒妮!I’m new to your site and love your blog and your recipes!
    谢谢for all the yummy dinners!

  8. I just made the “Here Comes Company” menu for a group of about 25 (6 young children) yesterday. I one and a halved each recipe, except the cake which I didn’t make because I didn’t need dessert. Everything came out very well. Each recipe was wonderful and they all went together very appetizingly. The corn and tomato salad probably got the most positive comments, followed by the corn bread and honey butter. Thank-you Mel for helping me out again! Would you consider putting together more big group meal plans? I regularly host a group of this size and coming up with the menu is the hardest part.

  9. I just wanted to say thank you so very much for sharing these meal plans! I’m on week 4 of your summer meals and it has been a absolute god send for my family, as I just gave birth to my second child June 8th. I use your meal plans in combination with the AnyList app and it’s made my life a little easier in that department. I won’t get into details of the app on here, but between your delicious meals, and the app I import them to…. My family is pretty full and happy! Thank you again so much!

  10. 非常感谢你们所有这些!我非常感激!

  11. Do you have suggestions for feeding 75 people for a summer wedding rehearsal dinner? Especially the main course, I’m not opposed to store bought sides/ desserts. Thanks, as always I love, love, love your blog!!!

  12. Sorry – me again – I should have clarified as you still have the link up “here comes company” but there is only one menu there currently that is Mexican themed. You had multiple previously – one in particular was pasta (lasagna rolls). I used this menu in the past and it was a life saver for a very large group… this is the one I’m hunting down.
    我在这里咯咯笑 - 请原谅我的多丁

  13. 嗨,梅勒妮!你有一大群菜单链接complete with a chart of sides, desserts and a timeline of when to prepare each in advance. I’m searching and can not find it! Yikes!! Did this go away? I’m certain that I am not overlooking it as I’m here just about EVERYDAY! (: I haven’t said it in awhile, but thanking you for molding me into the fantastic cook that am – TOOT! TOOT! (tooting my own horn One more thing, I love the new mom take in – I use that every time – yesterday as a matter of fact and get such pleasure putting that together. Love what you do – THANK YOU

  14. 您的菜单是否计划,以便整个星期内重叠?

    • For the most part, yes. I haven’t developed the menu plans specific to that idea but because it’s on the forefront of my mind, many of the menus were planned with that in mind.

      • 嗨,我享受你的论坛,但不知道你的
        have meals planned for two. I have always cooked
        for 4 or more and it is now difficult for me to just cook for two

  15. 嗨!我的妹妹和她的三个孩子刚刚和我一起搬进去,我正在寻找一点挑战。5岁的孩子非常挑剔。你碰巧有一系列儿童友好的食谱对讨厌蔬菜的挑食,并每天三次幸福地吃芝士汉堡吗?万博半全场

    • Sounds like quite the endeavor! I don’t have my recipes categorized into “kid-friendly” or not since my kids have learned they just have to eat it (even if they don’t like it!). The garlic alfredo sauce and skillet mac and cheese would be a good place to start though!

  16. 这是恒定的“我会做些什么”,让我们所有人都戴下。
    So this is a great idea.
    I wish someone would teach me how to do great meal presentations.
    Half of the enjoyment comes from how the meal comes to you, or is plated.

  17. What are you? Some type of mom angel!!?!? OMG! I want to cry right now, i have really been struggling to plan meals for my 2 year old and my husband. I just discovered your blog and I feel so thankful that you are sharing these tips. Bless your heart.

  18. Just a fyi … none of the hyperlinks are working in the pdf versions for your new menus 10, 11 and 12. Thanks!

    • They seem to be working fine on my end but let me know if you can’t get them to work.

      • I just tried all the hyperlinks and they’re not working for me either … but only for those 3. BTW just found your site and what a godsend!! Cannot wait to start utilizing all your hard work with these amazing meal plans. =)

        • 劳拉 - 你用的是什么浏览器?您是否在计算机上或移动设备(iPad,智能手机)?我已经在我的电脑上测试了它,iPad和手机,链接仍在为我工作,所以我想帮助解决他们为什么不适合你的问题。

    • The hyperlinks for summer menus 9-12 in the pdf versions aren’t working. I am trying to access through my computer. I can go into other pdf versions and it works fine.


      • 洛瑞,我在我最后检查了这一点,似乎正在工作。链接在浏览器中的下载文件夹是否有任何方式?

        • 不,我不相信。在工作的PDF上,光标看起来像一只手,它让我立即打开食谱。万博半全场在不起作用的PDF上,光标看起来像罗马数字1,不允许我打开任何带有或没有Ctrl按钮的配方。万博半全场(希望这是有道理的!)但那没关系。There are other ways I can get to the recipes Where there’s a will, there’s a way…….. Love your website!

  19. With summer coming our way and with kids home all day, everyday, can you give some simple lunch ideas that you use?

  20. Did the weekly menu from the bottom of your site disappear or has it found a new home somewhere? FYI, there are days here at my house where all 3 meals came from your website–we LOVE your food!

  21. 这个is Wonderful!!! Thanks so much for all of your work on this I’ve really wanted to start menu planning so this will help me out so much!

  22. 全尺度菜单规划师?!和免费?!“看到”的确!
    Thank you very much – very awesome of you to share!

  23. Mel, I found your website 6 months ago and it has helped me so much. Thank you for the menu plans and tips. I love your pantry staples section. I was feeling overwhelmed with how to start my food storage and now I don’t feel so overwhelmed. Thanks again.

  24. 嗨。你有一些很棒的食谱,我喜欢尝试 - 特别是肉桂卷万博半全场。我唯一的问题是我不麸质。您是否有任何经验,使南瓜肉桂拉链面包或肉桂卷的南瓜肉桂拉链?



    • mindy – I haven’t, unfortunately, but there are a lot of great gluten-free blogs/cookbooks that might be of help. Sorry I’m not more familiar with gluten-free baking!

  25. 谢谢for the awesome menus.

  26. 我爱你们所有的食谱,非常感谢你的分享万博半全场!你会考虑做素食菜单计划吗?

  27. You are amazing! My sisters-in-law rave about your website…and for good reason! All the recipes I’ve made have been AMAZING and I just can’t get over all of the menu planning and kitchen tips you’ve posted. You are going to make my life TOO easy Thanks!!!!

  28. 你能把一本饼干放在一起吗?它会使我的打印机更容易!你的食谱很万博半全场棒!我是一个食谱收藏家,热爱烹饪,所以我从经验中知道你的食谱符合易于制造的细线和整个家庭喜欢它。万博半全场我没有看到食谱收集,直到我的朋友告诉我你的网站。万博体育app官网谢谢!!(想想食谱的想万博体育app官网法...... :))

  29. 谢谢,谢谢,谢谢你的侧面菜计划!!!!多么令人敬畏的想法!非常感谢所有菜单!

  30. I can not tell you how much this has helped me. I am trying so hard to get health and establish a schedule for meals that do not come from McDonalds or Pizza place. You are helping so many people. I had run out of ideas for dinners and was just bored with the whole cooking thing but you have lit a fire here. Thanks so much for all your hard work Shannon

  31. You are an amazing person for doing this! I will definitely try to use these menu plans. I’m aiming for at least one month of meals planned in advance…

  32. I’m a diehard menu planner too. I love to cook, but cooking for other people really makes me anxious for some reason, so I’m excited to see the menus for guests and crowds!

    In fact, this week I included your guest meal plan with my weekly plan because I offered to bring dinner to a family later in the week. The food was halfway through cooking when I was notified the family doesn’t eat pork! (Sorry chile verde!)


  33. 对于Regina - 我将所有食谱复制到文本文万博半全场件,然后我可以通过成分搜索我的硬盘驱动器配方文件。不需要精心数据库。我刚刚尝试过,搜索孜然,并找到了113个使用它的食谱。万博半全场(谁知道我非常喜欢它?)我也使用Photoshop元素与他们的食谱一起制作漂亮的数字剪贴簿样式卡,我现在正在层压。万博半全场当我完成足够大的类别时,我将把它们变成一个食谱可拆卸专辑。当集线器在晚餐后退休并接管KP职责时,我的食谱卡经常是水/清洁剂/?溅,所以层压已经挽救了我的工作!我强烈推荐它,因为那些没有厨房电脑的人。我的大桌面不会去那里。

  34. just, seriously: THANK YOU! You make this seem so possible.

  35. 这个is amazing! Thanks for having these available. I’m excited to try them out this week.

  36. I would love a non-cheese version. Oh, how I need this!

  37. I have been looking for free menu plans! You should do breakfast and lunches too (I know you include some breakfast ideas). Thanks~

  38. 我要感谢你的令人敬畏的菜单!它有助于我们在家里吃晚餐并在午餐时吃晚餐。你是最好的梅尔!

  39. 我从来不知道这个资源在这里!我喜欢'在一个音高'部分。我是一个有三个年轻孩子的单身母亲。这可以拯救我一些严重的晚餐时间压力!

  40. 梅尔!

    很高兴看到健康的菜单 - 非常感谢你!你完全摇滚!<3包括发光的零食是一个好主意!

  41. My family and I love your menus — we’ve been pretty much following them for the last 2 months. Then comes January and those pesky resolutions to lose weight, so I tried another website, thinking I’d try their menu for a week and see… well, ONE meal, and I have got to come back to your recipes (it’s pretty pitiful when the best item on the plate was plain steamed rice… and you have to scrape the topping off the salmon just to get it down.) I didn’t even have to say anything, the guys just knew I’d changed recipe sources. Then when I came back to the Cafe, and checked out your salmon recipes I knew we could do better right here.

    I’ve been checking out the Healthy recipes section and just have a question — personally, I find all your stuff to be what I would call healthy — lots of variety, no chemicals, scratch cooking, no box mixes — but what gets a recipe into the healthy section? Lower in calories/fat? Better choices for weight loss perhaps? Also, I love how you put the menus together, (and obviously my family does too!) –Would you consider putting out a couple weeks of menus using recipes picked from the healthy section? I’ll be trying to make some myself in the meantime, but I’d love to see the mains and sides you’d put together. Thanks for all you do for all of us — have a very happy 2014! :).

    • 莫林-谢谢你的评论!我p的食万博半全场谱ut in the healthy section are ones that are probably lower in fat/calories than some of my other ones. While I try to stay away from processed foods, the dishes that call for a lot of cheese/cream, etc, usually don’t make the cut to the healthy recipes section. I’ll definitely give the healthy menus some thought. Thanks for the suggestion!

  42. 嘿,梅尔!非常感谢菜单规划指南。我有一个距离抵达时的宝宝,我一直在想知道如何在调整妈妈的同时计划菜单。太棒了!我有一个问题:我读了你的博客文章有关培训冒险家的恐惧者,而且我非常受到启发。万博体育app官网我记得你说你总是试着有一个菜,每个人都会吃饭。在您的膳食计划上,有一个主菜和一个熟的配菜。这通常是你准备的,还是你也试着用每餐做一个绿色的沙拉或水果沙拉?此外,你提前做了多少准备工作(如,周末)与饭的夜晚?感谢您分享您的时间和才能。 It is a blessing for many!

    • 嗨Brittney - 虽然菜单计划仅显示一个主菜和一面,但我通常有其他位和桌子上的碎片,就像奶酪或水果或类似的东西。我不包括在菜单计划上,因为我觉得这些都是每个人都可以自定义自己喜欢的东西,这有意义吗?I usually don’t spend a lot of time “cooking” side dishes, especially during the week, but we do a lot of green salads, fresh fruit/fruit salads, applesauce, cottage cheese, and always some type of vegetable, etc. If I do any advance prep work it is usually the night before or during the afternoon when my kids are napping. Does that help? Feel free to shoot me any other questions!

  43. 我刚刚听说过你的令人敬畏的万博体育app官网网站,很高兴挖掘!这是一个很棒的地方,所以我可以尝试各种各样的饭菜!非常感谢分享!

  44. 他y Mel, Just thought I’d let you know how much I appreciated you having these weekly menus up. We just moved across the country, and when I sat down to figure out what we’d be eating for the next week, I felt like crying. And then…your menus! So, THANK YOU!

  45. Were a group of volunteers as well as starting up the latest plan in the area. Your web site provided us with useful info to function with. You’ve conducted a notable work as well as each of our entire party will most likely be grateful to your account.

  46. 谢谢so much for sharing these recipes. I love that they are simple….but look oh so good.
    PS家人也是亲爱的! !爱所有的博ys!

  47. You are a true answer to prayer…no seriously! I’m so tired of searching menu plan websites and trying to come up with order out of chaos.!! Something about your style and your blog, just hit me! I’ve found the one!!!! Yes, Let there be light!!
    谢谢for letting me move on in life!! and provide my family with a nutritious…and ready to serve meal!

  48. I’m a newly devoted stay at home mother of two and have realized how neglected my poor husband has been all these years! I will basically be copying your menus to the ‘T’ every day of the week until I’m more comfortable to venture out! Thank you for your talent, dedication and very tasty palette!

  49. 梅尔,我想知道你有公司的服务。我一直试图找到一些好菜单,因为我们有公司结束,你知道 - 令人印象深刻,令人印象深刻,所以每个人都很舒服,不太挑剔,所以主人也可以玩得开心 - 这是太高的订单 - 是太高的订单吗?当娱乐朋友并同时喂养自己的家庭时,我很乐意知道什么菜单

  50. I think the recipes are great. I have two kids under the age of four I work full time. Your menu’s seem quick and inspire me to take the time to make dinners on more than a few nights a week for my family. I loved your editorial with the garlic alfredo recipe. Which I did make by the way and it was great. Thank you again for you time. Please continue to write.

  51. Yes- thank you for explaining!

  52. I’ve been following your blog for a while, but I’m just now reading through your menu-planning tips! My mom was (and still is) a great example for making a homemade dinner every night, but I’ve just never been able to get it together on a consistent basis. We don’t have kids yet, and I just hadn’t been that motivated. You have really inspired me to do better! Thanks for all of the great recipes and tips! So- do I understand correctly that you make a hot breakfast most mornings? Do you plan a menu for those also? Do you make a grocery list for lunch items, or rely on your staples? Thanks!

  53. 一般建议是尝试一切。它是一个最高评级的应用程序(iOS,Android,PC和Mac),您可以从每个设备找到您的东西。另外,如果您标记您的食谱,您可以搜索“蘑菇”万博半全场,并在那里搜索所有相关食谱。

    Great blog! I am impressed with this blog. Very much appreciate your good work.

  54. Wow what a site yaaaaa, i too just fell into here some how lol ..Dont ask me how I got here, but im here to stay. I live in New zealand..Will im trying to look at menu plans (yep this could be fatal) lol..Thanks Brenda

  55. Thank you so much for sharing these wonderful meal plans, I love your blog and am excited about cooking again, i can’t wait to try all your recipes. everything looks soo good. Thank you again for saving my sanity, I’m always tearing my hair out when I have to plan a meal for the week.

  56. I just stumbled upon your site and I am in love–this is probably the most well-organized cooking blog I’ve ever been to. Thanks for all your work putting it together and sharing!

  57. 刚刚找到你的网站,我喜欢它!感谢分享所有这些美妙的想法。

  58. I love these menu guides, perfect timing!

  59. I’m so glad I finally found your menu plans! They are going to make life soooo much easier. I can’t wait to see more of these. Thanks, and a big hug!

  60. Your recipes are the best! Thank you!

  61. 谢谢你这是Sugar ... .lol以来的最好的事情。这是对魔法问题很多问题的答案。“今晚我会做些什么/今天”。如果我能给你一个奖项,我会...再次再次感谢你。


  62. 他y Melanie,



  63. 我最近一直缺少行动,但我很高兴看到你的网站有多远!这些菜单很棒。我将在下周的规划中使用它们。我总是有思想新东西来做饭的问题。梅兰妮总是知道!!你所做的那么伟大

  64. 非常感谢您张贴冰箱麸皮的食谱,我一直在寻找它多年来,当我的孩子在成长时,这是一个主食。你认为有一种方法可以让华夫饼与这个配方制作吗?我必须遵循所有烹饪方向,我的实验会跑我的家人,所以你的建议是非常感激的。

  65. Meal planning is a the key to sticking with healthy items. Many times we just run to the store having no idea what we are doing and end up with processed foods which are not good for us. I do specialized meal planning and diets for diabetics, cardiac and renal patients and this is a great tool for anyone to use. This will help all persons on this site

  66. 非常感谢将这些菜单发布。我本周尝试第一个,为我没有的所有成分制作购物清单。试图留在食品预算......远离加工食品,让事情健康!我把它调整了一点,很兴奋,期待下周吃饭!哦,我一直在制作你的帕克房子,因为我的“转到”卷,即使是本周的小麦面粉,他们在最新的晚宴上被打击......甚至烧了一点点......再次感谢!

  67. 哇......这很棒!!!本周发现了您的网站,我喜欢它!!!!今晚规划我的杂货名单,我很高兴我找到了这个和一些伟大的食谱试用!!!!!!万博半全场

  68. 这将使我的购物和菜单规划如此轻松谢谢谢谢谢谢你!!!

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  77. http://www.supercook.com/is another cool, free website for putting in ingredients and finding recipes you need. =)

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    梅尔和里贾纳 - 如果您希望能够搜索食谱或食物博客,则ateyourbook.com就是这个地方。您可以输入您的食谱,并保存他们在书架上索引的食物博客。一旦执行此操作,您可以搜索您想要的任何内容。我搜索了Tiramisu一次,发现我有14个食谱:)。万博半全场然后你只是去你的书(或食物博客)来看看食谱。这适用于他们索引的所有重点(即在配方名称和密钥成分中万博半全场输入)。

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  80. regina, and mel, try Food.com. I love, LOVE their site, and you can search by ingredient to find a recipe or inspiration to make something new!!! It used to be recipezaar, but is now food.com NOT food networks’s site…

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  93. 原谅我的愚蠢,但我无法打开你的文字文档。我有Winzip,但对此并不熟悉。当我点击WORD DOC链接时,它打开我的Winzip文件,我没有看到压缩文件中的任何类型的Word文档。有任何想法吗?

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    I was wondering if you might know of a database or program that holds my recipes & then I could search for an ingredient or 2 that I want to cook with. A lot of time I find that I will make something new, and then have lots of those ingredients left & nothing else to make with it. It’s very hard to look through the 100s of recipes I want to try to find that 1 or 2 ingredient haha

    • 里贾纳– I’m not familiar with a database of that sort but whenever I’m faced with the same conundrum, I use the SEARCH toolbar in my right sidebar and simply type in the ingredient I want (say, cilantro or black beans). The search function will pull up the recipes that have those ingredients. Any food blog that has a search toolbar should be able to do the same thing so that may help you a bit.

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